Our G&A staff work in many different jobs in the following divisions:

  • Administration
  • Facility
  • Finance & Controlling


The general Administration is responsible for telephone calls, organizing business trips and room and board for our guests. They are the first contact for our business partners.


The Facility comprises the facility management at our Germering location and makes sure that a well-functioning infrastructure is provided. In addition to the continuous maintenance of the buildings, our Facility staff is also responsible for managing major conversion and reconstruction measures as well as the construction of new buildings.

Finance & Controlling

In Finance & Controlling financial data is created, processed and analyzed with the help of the local ERP system. The results are provided in a number of analyzes and monthly and annual closings. Accounting according to the German Commercial Code (HGB) and the US accounting principles (US-GAAP) form the basis for the reporting to our parent company.

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