The Manufacturing department is where the value added is obtained – from material planning to shipment of customer orders. Our goal is to satisfy customers through the high quality of our materials and products on the one hand, and short delivery periods on the other.

The Manufacturing department is divided in Materials Planning and Purchasing, Work Planning, Stock Room, Assembly, Quality Control, Manufacturing Engineering and ECO and Master Data Management.

Materials Planning and Purchase

We at Dionex Softron practice a sophisticated and international supply chain management. In this way, we ensure that all required parts for manufacturing are available at the required time and in correct quantity and quality along the entire value added chain.

The Purchasing department works mainly project-oriented and closely together with other departments in all matters of procurement management.

Work Planning

Work Planning department is in charge of continuous assembly of devices and spare parts with the help of KANBAN. It provides the required tools for assembly based on a pull strategy, and coordinates even custom-made devices and order peaks.

Our Stock Room is responsible for the receipt of goods, commissioning for the assembly, as well as the packaging and shipment of the finished products with the help of a modern data management system.


In our assembly which has been optimized according to LEAN principles, highly qualified staff, such as precision engineers, electronic engineers, or mechatronics engineers assembles our instruments. The assembly of our devices requires highest cleanliness and precision, therefore some parts are assembled under clean-room conditions. Some parts are additionally subject to special calibration and cleaning processes before assembly. In-process-controls and the continuous documentation of results are essential in meeting the high requirements of our customers at all times.

Quality Control

Quality Control consists of two parts: The incoming goods inspection team is responsible to control the quality of purchased parts. Incoming critical parts are checked for our requirements with the help of technical documents and inspection requirement documents.
At the goods issue inspection, each finished instrument is subject to a final multi-stage inspection. The instruments are checked against our guaranteed specifications, therefore only faultless instruments are delivered to our customers.

Manufacturing Process Engineering

The Manufacturing Engineering division (MPE) supervises the introduction of series production for new products and is the link between R&D and Manufacturing. Engineers and technicians take care of the products during their entire lifecycle, quickly solving problems when they occur. Furthermore, the MPE team develops efficient manufacturing processes to keep our high quality standards.

ECO and Master Data Management

The ECO and MDM division is responsible for data maintenance in the ERP system, ensuring correct planning of the parts. In addition, it is also responsible for coordinating the Change Management. In close cooperation with the Manufacturing Process Engineering division and other departments such as R&D and Product Marketing department, changed components are introduced into production according to schedule.

Order Processing

The tasks of the Order Processing staff range from processing incoming orders, from technical and commercial evaluation to entering the orders into the ERP system to enable the shipping of the products throughout the world. In addition to the export handling, the Order Processing staff is also responsible for the import processing for parts from third countries. Handling special instruments of payment such as letters of credit or “cash against documents (CAD)” are part of their everyday work. Their most important goal is to satisfy customers and meet delivery times. The Order Processing is in close contact with our affiliated companies and salespersons across the world.

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