Our large Research and Development (R&D) department is the cornerstone of our company’s success. Scientists of various disciplines form a team that develops new products which set standards in the field of HPLC. This includes our innovative UltiMate™ 3000 HPLC systems and leading Chromeleon™ chromatography software in particular.

Employees face the challenge of development and continuous improvement of our products from the first idea to serial production. Modern equipment and laboratories (electronics, precision engineering, test, workshop) help them to fulfill this task.

R&D is split up into the following divisions:

R&D Hardware

The project groups develop concepts for new instruments and set up the first functional models to test promising ideas. In the next phase, prototypes are produced, which in turn become series products after a number of reviews and tests. The challenge of optimizing an HPLC system are mainly in the design of (fine) mechanics and the realization of electronics, firmware and accompanying tests. Test laboratory staff and a team of design engineers support the project teams.

R&D Software

In the software divison an international team works closely together with the Product Marketing as well as the test laboratory staff and technical writing group. We develop software products to help our customers to use our hardware in an optimum way. Our central product is the Chromeleon™ chromatography data system, which has the leading position worldwide among our competitors. Chromeleon enables our customers not only to control chromatography instruments comfortably with the computer, but also to use it for data acquisition and evaluation. It provides the data in a form that can easily be converted by the analyst to usable results and reports. As client-/server-based system, Chromeleon not only supports HPLC instruments, but also instruments for gas and ion chromatography, and even very modern mass spectrometers. The instruments of our competitors can also be controlled with Chromeleon, which enables us to use our software in nearly every laboratory worldwide. About half of the Chromeleon developers work at the Germering location; further development locations are Altrincham (near Manchester, England) and Sunnyvale, California.

Technical Writing Group

The technical writing group creates and maintains the user and service documents for our instruments as well as the online help and user documentation for our chromatography software in close cooperation with the R&D staff and the product management.

Test Laboratory Group

The test laboratory staff tests the newly developed products (instruments and software) as to their specifications and handling. The main focus is on the user’s point of view. Our tests base on approved standards and methods which we adapt to the requirements of the products to be tested, or which we develop completely new. The test laboratory group is involved in all phases of the product development, from testing first prototypes to serial production, and cooperates closely with the R&D staff.

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