The Technical Product Support department accompanies our products during their life cycle – from first trainings when they are introduced to the moment they are replaced by the next generation of products.

Our LCTS staff faces a diverse field of activity. This requires specialists that cooperate in a highly motivated team.

Worldwide 2nd-level factory support

Modern communication tools help to analyze upcoming questions quickly and effectively and offer help. If necessary, LCTS coordinates and carries out on-site support. Information from Factory Support is used to continuously improve our training courses and adapt them to customer needs.

Factory instrument repair

Our inhouse service is known for excellent quality of repairs. This is the result of the technical know-how of our inhouse service staff, combined with our optimized processes. To give you an example: the repaired instruments go through the same final inspections as the instruments from manufacturing.

Worldwide trainings

We offer a considerable number of service and software trainings for different levels of knowledge to our employees. The trainings range from beginners and expert courses to special trainings for product specialists from the Thermo Fisher Scientific subsidiaries and sales organizations.

All trainings in our technical centers in the US, Asia and Europe have the same content. This ensures that our employees all over the world are offered the same high level of training.

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