Driver Update Chromeleon™ 6.80 DU12a

End of February, we released the driver update DU12a for the Chromeleon 6.80 Chromatography Data System.

New drivers for the Dionex™ ICS-4000 Integrated Capillary System and the Thermo Scientific™ AI/AS 1310 were implemented.  Driver enhancements for the Dionex UltiMate™ 3000 MWD-3000(RS) and the VWD-3000(RS) detector extend the flexibility of wavelength acquisition and control of the baseline behavior. The new driver for the TCC-3000 column compartment allows the use of a 1250 bar 6-position 7-port valve applicable for Automated Method Scouting using an UltiMate 3000 XRS system. The driver update also adds support for a large number of additional modules for the Thermo Scientific TRACE Ultra GC.

Existing drivers for third-party instruments such as Waters and Perkin Elmer were improved to enable new functions.

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Ausbildungsbetrieb 2016
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