“Germering Chromeleons” Score Rank 7 in the Competition “Germeringer Stadtradeln”

StadtradelnThis year, the Dionex Softron GmbH joined the local competition “Germeringer Stadtradeln” for the first time.

The goal of this competition is to cover as many kilometers as possible by bike instead of using the car, for instance.

The focus of the “Germeringer Stadtradeln” is to raise the participants’ awareness of environmental protection, and in particular of  the reduction of each person’s CO2 output.

Our team, the “Germering Chromeleons” reached the top ten: the 26 participants from the company covered 7,643 kilometers by bike, saved 1,100.6 kg of CO2 and scored rank 7. One of our employees even managed to break the 1000 kilometers mark within these three weeks!

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Ausbildungsbetrieb 2016
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