Rama Dama in Germering


For several years, the city of Germering has been organizing a so-called “Rama Dama“ event, which could be translated as “we are cleaning up”. Volunteers and local schools participate in this event that aims to free the local greens and forests from waste.

This year, Thermo Fisher Scientific was the first local company ever to join the event. A few employees volunteered to clean up the greens along the Landsberger Strasse close to the site. Thanks to the support of Rüdiger Obst, Kathrin and Marcus Ohlhaut, Christian Hilmer and Christoph Kessler, Susanne Kuchler and mayor Andreas Haas, Germering becomes cleaner and cleaner.

Foto: Vera Greif

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Ausbildungsbetrieb 2016
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